Senses of Liturgy

University of Bristol, 21-22 May, 2015

Despite the importance of liturgical commentaries for understanding the liturgical record and the experience of religious practice, particularly in the still largely understudied Old Hispanic Office, they have not received scholarly attention as an important genre for the history of medieval religion. Senses of Liturgy will bring together scholars from across the UK, Europe and the USA over the course of two-days (May 21-22, 2015) in order to discuss liturgical commentary and practice from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives (musicological, art historical, theological, historical, manuscript studies). The seeks answers to questions that are both methodological and practical. How can liturgical commentaries be studied in conjunction with or in the absence of liturgical sources? What information can they provide to fill in the gaps in the manuscript record? How did the liturgy interact with theology? Was the liturgy influenced by theological movements or vice versa? The involvement of scholars dealing with liturgical and theological sources from a wide chronological and geographical spread will allow us to engage with current scholarly interest in the history of religious experience and performance through the lens of a highly informative genre.

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